Central Bank of India Personal Loan - Features & Benefits

Personal Loan Scheme (Corporate)

This personal loan is granted to permanent employees of large corporations who are clients of Central Bank of India.

Personal Loan Scheme (Non corporate)

This personal loan is granted for domestic needs of permanent employees of Railways, Government institutions (central and state governments), schools, hospitals, etc. who have completed at least 5 years of service. The prerequisite for availing this loan apart from the above mentioned is that the borrower’s salary must be routed via one of the branches of Central Bank of India.

Cent Ratna Scheme

This loan is granted to permanent employees of Navratna/ Maharatna/ major PSUs. The main condition for availing this loan is that it is not granted for speculative purposes.

Cent Personal Gold Loan

This loan can be availed as one of the following three options-

As a demand draft

As an overdraft against the pledge of gold ornaments of 22 carat purity

As an overdraft against the pledge of gold coins that has been sold by Central Bank of India

A demand draft is a loan that is given irrespective of a fixed maturity period which can be called back by Central Bank of India at any point with a 24 hour notice period.

Personal Loan to Pensioners

This loan is granted to pensioners whose pensions are routed to any of the branches of Central Bank of India for any legitimate credit requirements.

Cent Teacher

This loan is offered to the following class of people whose salary is credited to a savings account of Central Bank of India-

Permanent teachers

Permanent employees of schools

Permanent employees of colleges

Permanent employees of universities

Permanent employees of educational institutes

Permanent employees of research institutes

Cent Suvidha

This loan can be availed by salaried employees whose salary is routed through one of branches of Central Bank of India in order to fulfil any personal demands.

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