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Personal Loan

Synd Saral loan can be offered as a demand loan, mortgage of liquid security based loan, loan to fund purchase of consumer durables given to salaried individuals, non-salaried individuals, women, NRIs and agriculturalists. This loan is given so that individuals can meet any personal expenses without any financial limitation. The loan is offered for a maximum period of 5 years or 60 months.

LoanMoney help you to embark on your dream at the right time with Syndicate Bank Personal Loan opportunities available! Follow a few simple steps to help LoanMoney team understand your requirements.

Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Features & Benefits in Delhi/NCR
Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Eligibility & Documentation in Delhi/NCR
Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates and Charges in Delhi/NCR
Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in Delhi/NCR

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Home Loan

Syndicate Bank home loans have been designed to suit varied needs of customers who may be looking to either purchase a new / existing house/flat, purchase a plot in order to construct a house or wish to take over an existing home loan. The home loans offered by Syndicate Bank include SyndNivas, SyndKuteer and SyndNivas Plus.

Home Loan EMI is a fixed amount that you pay to Syndicate Bank towards repayment of loan taken. The EMI is paid every month on a fixed day till your Home Loan is fully paid off. Lowest EMI that you pay to Syndicate Bank on per lakh amount is Rs. 787. .

Syndicate Bank Home Loan Features & Benefits in Delhi/NCR
Syndicate Bank Home Loan Eligibility & Documentation in Delhi/NCR
Syndicate Bank Home Loan Interest Rates and Charges in Delhi/NCR
Syndicate Bank Home Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in Delhi/NCR

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Loan Against Property

Syndicate Bank Loan against Property has helped many meet such expenses. The hassle free loan scheme from syndicate bank is known as ‘syndmortgage’. This loan can be availed for variety of family or business needs like education, vacation, renovation, wedding, etc. Syndicate bank loan against property is a unique general purpose loan that allows fulfilling all your dreams.

Syndicate Bank Loan Against Property rate is 15.75% p.a linked to base rate that is subject to change. Any changes are specified from time to time and applicable. More details about syndicate bank loan against property rate can be found from the nearest branch.

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Business Loan

Syndicate Bank gives the facility of business loan to the people who need finance to expand their business. There are some benefits of taking business loan from Syndicate Bank.

Interest Rate: Higher the interest rate, higher will be the EMI. For a 60 months business loan from Syndicate Bank at interest rate of 14.45% per annum, EMI will be Rs. 2,350 per Rs. one lakh loan amount. At interest rate of 14.45% for the same loan, the EMI will be Rs. 2,350.

Loan tenure: Longer the loan tenure, lesser your monthly EMI. At interest rate of 14.45% per annum, the EMI on Syndicate Bank business loan would range from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 2,350 for loan tenure ranging from 12 to 60 months.

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About Syndicate Bank

Syndicate Bank was established in 1925 in Udupi, the abode of Lord Krishna in coastal Karnataka with a capital of Rs.8000/- by three visionaries - Sri Upendra Ananth Pai, a businessman, Sri Vaman Kudva, an engineer and Dr.T M A Pai, a physician - who shared a strong commitment to social welfare. Their objective was primarily to extend financial assistance to the local weavers who were crippled by a crisis in the handloom industry through mobilising small savings from the community.

The bank collected as low as 2 annas daily at the doorsteps of the depositors through its Agents under its Pigmy Deposit Scheme started in 1928. This scheme is the Bank's brand equity today and the Bank collects around Rs. 2 crore per day under the scheme.

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